Addiction Sports Warranty Program


Addiction Sports will provide the following outcomes depending on the result of your warranty claim.

Retail Customer - 1 Year, Replacement Addiction Sports product.

Wholesale Customer - 3 Months, Replacement Addiction Sports product.

Step 1 - Is this a warranty claim?

  • Is the damage to your product a manufacture defect? If so, yes.
  • Was the damage caused by abuse, neglect or improper use? If so, no.

Step 2 - Submit warranty claim with photo & video evidence.

Submit your warranty claim via email with the following:

  • A clear description of how the damage occurred.
  • Photos and/or a video of the damaged product.
  • Your order number.

If the damage is not clear from your video or photo evidence, you will have to ship your products to Addiction Sports; located in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada for inspection. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges to and from Addiction Sports regarding to warranty issues.

To submit your warranty claim or if you have any questions, please email