Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board
Wake Jib Training Board

Wake Jib Training Board


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Wake Jib Board Details

Can you 270 onto or off a rail? What if we said you could...

That feeling of locking into a rail on your snowboard and sliding a trick you've been working on for ages is hard to beat. This board will have you locking in tricks consistently without having to hike rails all day! 


We’ve taken our proven Jib Training Board and made it more shreddable, more versatile and way more stylish! With inspiration for the top sheet taken from the mountains we live in, you’ll be dreaming of the park while training by the lake!

Learn more below!


Jib Board Specs

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Our new silky smooth sidewall ensures maximum performance and durability through the seamless design, while boosting the board's aesthetics!

Wakeboard Style Inserts

While our Training specific bindings will improve comfort for your home set up, this board has also been designed with Wakeboard Binding compatibility in mind!  

9/10 Flex Rating

A 9/10 flex rating gives this board a nice stiff feeling meaning that you'll be able to press harder into your tips and tails when using the Balance Bar!

Realistic P-Tex Base

Constructed with a real snowboard base, you'll have the most realistic experience possible combined with maximum style. 

Reverse Camber 

The rocker profile allows for easier sliding on boxes and rails and improves the manoeuvrability and butterability of the board.


Use with the Balance Bar to improve the following jib specific skills:

  • Trick timing, balance and style
  • Muscle memory to consolidate old tricks
  • Creativity and confidence to learn new tricks

The Jib Board has a realistic snowboard design, feel and flex that replicates real snowboard jibbing. Take what you've learnt on the Jib Board to the mountain and unleash your new tricks in the park!


Sizing & Specs


Max Recommended User Weight: 100kg (220lbs)
Ages: No age restrictions (Kids - Adults)
Dimensions: 98.5cm Long (39.17 inches) - 32cm Wide (9.69 inches)
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3lb)
Stance: 31.75cm - 59.69cm (12.5" - 23.5" inches)


Mounting System

Our Jib Boards have the same universal bindings hole pattern that's found on wakeboards.


We make our Jib Boards in a board sports factory, so it's made to feel real and deal with getting thrashed! A laminated top sheet gives the Jib Board that proper wakeboard finish, while the poplar wood core gives it that true snowboard flex.



The Jib Board is stiff and strong, with a reverse camber shape. It's shorter in length than a real wakeboard, so you can train practically anywhere.



Reverse Camera

Smooth Sidewall Construction

Along the entire perimeter of the Jib Board is a silky smooth, rounded sidewall. There's no sharp edges, so you can train almost anywhere without damaging you, your board or your surroundings.

Realistic P-Tex Base

The base is completely covered with 1cm of high density foam to ensure maximum grip when jumping or jibbing.

EVA Foam
Board Comparison

Q & A

If I Order, When Will It Arrive?
This product is currently available to ship from our USA & Canada locations! Shipping within these countries typically takes 3-5 Working days. International orders may take approximately 2 weeks. 

What Is The Reasoning Behind The Pricing?
We produce our boards in the same factory as high end snowboards in order to incorporate all of the same features, such as a P-Tex Base, a wood core and metal inserts. Giving our boards a far more realistic flex and feel, which therefore narrows that gap between your off season training days and your days throwing down on the lake. Due to our high level of product quality and manufacturing processes, production cost does rise which leads our products to be premium training equipment and earn exceptionally low warranty claims.

Will The Jib Board Damage My Tramp
Our Tramp Training Boards have been specifically designed with no edges and to have the foam come halfway up the side walls. The top half of the side wall has been rounded and smoothed out to ensure that nothing can cut or rip a trampoline.


Foam BaseGrippy Eva Foam Base
Tramp Board On TrampThe Tramp Board Grips The Trampoline.

What Is The Flex Rating Of The Jib Board?
The Jib Board has a flex rating of 9 out of 10. This means that the Jib Board is stiff and responsive, giving the most realistic snowboard feel possible.

Tramp Flex RatingThe Tramp Board Has A Flex Rating Of 4/10.

Do The Board And Bindings Come Together?
Our Training Boards and Training Bindings do not come together. The reason for this is because we use a traditional Wakeboard hole mounting system. This means that if you own Wake bindings, using these would be a viable option. We recommend using our Training Bindings as they have been designed for comfort and ease of use.

Actual Snowboard bindings
Use Actual Wakeboard Bindings
Sock Bindings
Use Our Training Bindings

Can Kids Use The Board?
Kids can use all of our Training Products. Both the Training Boards and Training Bindings are adjustable and designed to be one size fits all.

Kids SizeKids Can Shred Too.  

What Level Of Ability Do I Need To Be At In Order To Use This?
The Jib Board is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Whether you're learning 50-50's or Front Blunt 270 Out's, the Jib Board will help take your riding to the next level. Using the Jib Board on the Balance Bar will allow you to continuously try the trick you're learning, speeding up your progression.

Does The Jib Board Slide?
The Jib Board has a P-TEX base just like an actual wakeboard, so the board will slip and slide on trampolines and the Balance Bar. The Jib Board has been designed to work with the Balance Bar for best results as a static trainer. Tramp training using the Jib Board is a little too slippery though...(that's why we made the Tramp Board).

Is There A Wide Version?
There is no wide version of the Training Boards. Depending on what your foot size is, you might be able to get away with having your feet at angles of -15 and 15 degrees, or slightly more. If your toes hang over a little bit, it’s not going to affect the performance of the product. If it is too much of an issue, take out the inner padding and wear shoes when training.

Our Training Boards In Trampoline Facilities
We have our Tramp and Jib Training Boards in many trampoline facilities around the world. If your local facility isn’t allowing you to use your Training board, please email info@addictionsports.com with the facilities details and managers name.

What Is Your Warranty And Returns Policy?
We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big! We are so confident you will love your training gear, we have a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.